Tuesday, January 25, 2011

True Love

It seems to me as though I have written these last few posts ass-backwards. and perhaps the last post might really be a good set-up for the previous few. funny how the world appears different when you take the time to stop, turn around and look back. It might be some benefit to you, dear reader, to consider this, go to my main page, and read these from the top down. then consider all that was written for your benefit in God's word, there is much both in what Christ taught, what the apostles wrote down that were written for this age, this generation (and a lot of it says we have a problem! are they lying? or telling the truth? think you, that "this doesn't apply to ME"?). all this that should bring you to the foot of the cross. when you are there look up, and witness the fact that the terrible cost of sin, and the terrible cost of Love hangs right there as a witness to you, Consider what God brought to this point, and what you brought here. God's begging you to understand. my prayer is that you would choose to understand, but then, whether this witness is for you or against you is YOUR choice. when it comes to writing, or reading I guess writing is really the easier part, choosing requires a multi-stepped effort. Jesus said "wisdom is justified of all her children". how many consider this, and lay it to heart? God knows. consider this fact, God chose to reveal himself to you through the written word, to honor someone, do you not have to honor their word? first and foremost? there have been many a time my words were not honored, even those, my most precious words "I love you" were regarded as trash, as shit, and dropped to the ground and stepped on by some. hey, we've all been there. that brings pain, tears, and anguish. but in my mind I know that the place of both my words and the response I got from them mean little in the big picture, but.... God's words divide truth and folly, light and darkness, life and death! imagine the pain, the tears, and the agony of our Lord Jesus Christ. how we respond to God's truth and Love matters.

the best gift I can give anybody is to bring them to the knowledge of Christ and testify to it's effect on me in the hope that that may open their eyes and inspire them to read the bible. some may consider my choice of forum for this as odd, but I do what I can do, I am hobbled in several ways physically at this point so all I can do is salute my friends and family from here. this is the fruit I can offer, sometimes fruit is taken as juice. the juice I offer is that little bit of the knowledge of Christ I have been given. juice is made by pressing and squeezing the fruit and throwing the husk away. if this juice is acquired though some pain and violence to the fruit so be it.
 the common proverb states "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink" that is true for those beasts, if you know you are going to go ride out in the desert, you would hydrate yourself a bit extra before the trip, the horse, however, as an unthinking beast, knows not that his rider is leading him to a dry place and may not drink the water proffered. us humans are not unthinking beasts, though at times we all act like it. the idea of that old proverb is that you can lead a person to knowledge but you can't make him think. or feel. or love.

Do you see the tragedy? it's not in God's word that the tragedy lies, it is in our response to it. My Prayer is all will respond with all their heart and mind to God's True Love.

 Have a Blessed day.

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