Saturday, May 30, 2009


Some folks think that a Loving God would have no such place as Hell. I wonder at this, why? because we HAVE a loving God, so loving, in fact, that he gave us free will. we are free to make our own choices, If we had NO choice, could their be any such thing as free will? (or Love, for that matter) and because we HAVE choices, could one choice be bad, and one good? and because we have multitudes of men and angels, could not some choose good and some choose evil?
We have a choice, and I thank God for it, Because without choice, could their be any such thing as Love? Love is the greatest choice of all. One does not HAVE to love, one CHOOSES TO. Thank God he CHOSE to love us.

But then, much as I hate to bring this up, If you have some children who choose to be Loving and caring and some who choose to be hateful and mean, does their not come a time to separate the two groups? much as you'd dislike to, If you have one kid harming the other what do you do?

Some folks live in a mean, hateful world, and sadly, It's because they want to. some folks live in a kind and loving world, and that's because THEY want to.
some will choose to accept Christ's open invitation, some will choose not to. do you think God should FORCE those unwilling, to love him? well then, Hell is prepared for those who choose it. right?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Freedom, Love it or lose it

Which will you choose?

Blogger friends, I've been kind of busy, but I have been reading you and really appreciate you. I hope to start posting again soon.