Thursday, January 27, 2011

Love letters

 Young lovers look for little notes from their mates with excitement and anticipation. memories from high school are full of young girls giggling and young boys gushing. such were the responses of letters passed in class or stuffed through a locker vent. I can remember the anticipation and excitement on the faces as they unfolded their little notes. nowadays the methods those notes are passed is different, what with facebook, twitter, and smartphones but the responses to them are pretty much the same I'd bet. the bigger the note was the greater the excitement! and was it not just for such as response that these little notes were written?

  Fellow people, we have a love letter written to us from our maker, who, having poured out his heart to us in this letter is awaiting a response from us. can you remember the response you had from those letters in school? did you not honor and treasure those little notes then? what about now? and what about the letter written to you by your maker, what is your response to it? is it the same excitement and anticipation you felt for your young friend? and if not? why not?

  In thinking about the full range of responses someone may have about this blog I imagine the percentages would go like this: about 90% indifference, about 5% anger, about 4% friends or family seeking indications of my present or future insanity and less than 1% other than previously described. note that this is not an actual poll, just my guesstimate, but I can't be too far off. why bother to write, considering this, you ask? well, are you asking me, or are you asking the subject OF my writing? some may complain as to the "tone" or the "spirit" of my diatribes. after all, God is love, and love is all gushing and giggling, right?

Well, no, love is not all gushing and giggling, as any parent could tell you. and if you were to sort God's word into categories of gushing and giggling and instruction and admonition, the "gushing and giggling" category would hold a whole lot fewer pages than the "instruction and admonition" pile. If I am trying to testify as to God's word, and told you different from this, would this not be a most horrible crime?

  I point out to you today that there is much written in scripture specifically for the people of today. Many evangelical Christians of today think we are in the "last days". there is much written in scripture specifically about, and for the church in the "last days" too, the Apostles Paul, Peter, and John wrote certain things SPECIFICALLY TO AND FOR the last days church. are you willing to read it? do you feel the same excitement and anticipation you felt when you knew there was a note in your locker from your high school sweetheart?


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