Friday, January 21, 2011

because my ass will hit the ground hard

 There is something I avoid doing because it will result in the title of this piece. Trying to look at how someone might take my writing as offensive (which I don't intend to be) I though it prudent to take a look at the underpinnings of how many people look at life, facts, and knowledge today. the way people think changes over time and distance. take a group of 500 people today and you will find probably 600 differing opinions about any event common to all of them. and while many differing opinions can exist in harmony, can all? are their any walls to this room or boundaries to this place? there are two tenets to today's  popular philosophy that I want to address today, the first being pluralism, this is basically the idea that all ideas are equally valid. and relativism, which is the thought that ideas are relative to the thinker. like morals, or truths are relative to either the culture, the time, or person to which they originate. The problem is that just the very concept of truth is what? can "truth" be relative or have plural meanings? what of the idea that there is no such thing as absolute truth? can one be absolutely sure there is absolutely no absolute truth? note the contradiction here? if there are no absolutes, than you cannot be sure of anything, not even the idea that there are no such. If I were to attempt, from a free standing position on this planet to lift my legs up suddenly what would happen? would it matter what i was thinking or would it matter if there were several others around doing the same thing, would the results be any different? no. every one of us would have the same result, our ass would hit the ground. there would be no different result because of religious views, cultural views, attitude, mood, or time. To read up on relativism and it's counter argument I offer this link here, I will go on to consider how this problem affects people who wish to approach the God of the Jew and the Christian, who is the same. If one were to approach the Bible with an idea of relativism in any of it's forms that person would have an experience both troubling and confusing. there would not seem to be any continuity to the book to them at all, that book is simply chock full of absolutes inspired by the very absolute of absolutes. I AM is who Moses took his middle management position from and I AM is who Christians profess to follow. sizing that book, or it's author by some rule you created by your experience, your culture, or any of your other pre-formed idea's or delusions will be a failure. one needs to start with who I AM says he is and use I AM's word for what we are, what he desires us to be, and what he says we will become. I can tell you that that is not hard or complicated, even a child or even those with major mental issues can understand Him. as well as those learned and intellectual. everyone has an open invitation. God bless.

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This is an enjoyable argument where my rebuttal comes in the form of a dialogue.