Saturday, July 01, 2006

NOW's concern for women's rights, where is it?

Dr. Sanity, a former feminist, has touched on something that I've often wondered about, why does that organization completely ignore the plight of women in muslim country's? usually siding with the opressors of women there. that puzzles me, ya gotta wonder....

My worth is based on the Islamic Laws of Retribution, 24th edition, December 1982, as half of a man. It doesn't matter who I am, how educated I am, and what earning potential I may have in my life. My worth is half of a man, any man.

I am a Moslem woman. I have no face. I have no identity.

Meanwhile the "women's movent"--which claims to be about "bringing equality for all women" keeps sinking to new levels of complete irrelevancy and idiocy by squawking in its usual hysterical manner about ridiculous issues like these; while they chant silly slogans : "Condi, Condi, Condi Rice—your policies suck but your shoes are nice!"

NOW, whose policies suck?

Read all about it.

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