Sunday, July 16, 2006

Israel, Hezbollah, and Idiocy

It's not that I think there's not enough written about the goings on in Lebanon, I just thought I'd lay out my idea's on the subject.

First and foremost people need to remember that Israel Had pulled out of the Gaza strip and west bank, dismantling their settlements . what did they recieve for these efforts from the Arabs? rocket attacks.

were fencing off the same area's (remember, it was the Arabs who demanded a partition plan, and the UN has spent 50 years in NOT providing one)and what did they recieve for this? more rockets and kidnapped troops.

Israel has every right to defend itself, and, after 50 years, they should realize they will recieve no cooperation whatsoever from the Palestinians, or their Arab neighbors, or Europe, for that matter.

I hope the US will not forget this friend and ally, but I'm wondering if there is any such thing as an Intelligent, Moral Politician in this country.

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