Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Free Speech?

The recent Vote on an amendment to protect the Flag of our nation has me thinking not about the flag, but why a person needs to desecrate our proud banner to make a point.

Articulate people have no need of such antics, any species capable of reason and possessing language skills can either talk, or print their thoughts on any number of forums.

The best analogy I can think of for this apparent need in some are Chimpanzees, who, when angry, threatened or otherwise upset often throw things, their favorite ammunition of choice? Usually their own feces.

While I would like our Flag protected from such abuse, I worry about going to the extreme of a consitiutional amendment, not because I don't think our Flag is worth it, but because I'd hate to set the precident of amending the consititution every time some silly judge rules by his own whims.

I'm afraid the constant changing would devalue somewhat that great document our country rests on. we need to go about this issue in a different way, congress can pass a law offering our flag some protection without going to this extreme.

The public can do it's part in this too, next time you see the chimps going about this activity, distract them with a banana.

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