Monday, December 13, 2010

Who is (your) God?

 Catchy title, aint it?

  Somebody who was once very close to me liked to throw the phrase "don't be so heavenly minded your no earthly good" at me as some kind of accusation. well, I sincerely wish I was MORE heavenly minded and personally believe if I was, I would be MORE earthly good. so in light of this, pretty much all I will be posting on this blog anymore is going to an effort to nudge whoever might find this blog towards Christ.

 Is God who HE thinks he is or is God who YOU think he is?

 I think this is a very, very, important question. how does one person know another? do you know someone by going to their house? or by having a 5 minute chat in the coffeehouse? or jogging with then in the park one morning? do you get to know someone by talking about them with a third party? or working beside them or sharing a cab ride?
 You can get to know bits and pieces of a person by all of the above but none of these will give you a clear picture. how many times to people just get these bits and pieces and fill all the blanks in in their own mind? and, when they have done this, come to think that this construct of their mind is really the person they met? sadly, this happens all too often in life between people. People make judgments about others all the time without all the information. most people are even aware of this yet still continue this same activity.

 Do people do this with God too? What is the best way to get to know God? listen to the gossip? or go to the most direct source?

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Simokie said...

Getting to know God is also getting to know your self. At one time I thought I had all of the answers but then I realized I kept forgetting the questions. First of all you can't put God in a Box and say this is what and who God is. I had to get down to a more personal level and look at my self to see if I could find any reflection of God at all in me. How can I call my self a Christian with out any reflection of Christ in my life or my attitude or anything at all about me. I had to make some serious change so people could point me out of a crowd and say that man looks like a Christian. It should show in what comes out of your mouth and how you respond to every one. We all have the same creator so should we not treat every one the way that we want to be treated? What makes us different from one another? Why does one man get respect and the other one is looked down on? Once in a while a good dose of common sense tells us yes there are people out there that were created by my God but they choose not to worship him but to scorn him they have lost the ability to love and some of them believe that I should not worship God. They go to extreme measures to keep me from doing that. I am so blessed as a Christian to live in a nation that has freedom of worship yet I have people that want to tell our nations children how to and were to worship. It worked for so long that we had prayer in our schools and all of a sudden that is a bad thing. Why is talking to God so bad? Is it okay to listen to him? I spent a lot of my life running in fast forward and I don't know if I was running from God or to him but I did find him and he did save me from my self and my sad thinking.