Monday, August 04, 2008


Rep. Eric Cantor has a petition out asking to recall congress to deal with the energy problem:

Congressman Eric Cantor

Dear Friend,

Last Friday, the United States House of Representatives, under Democrat Leadership, adjourned for a 5-week vacation. Normally, no one would raise an eyebrow; however, when the Democrats left, they did so without passing any form of energy legislation. They have left for over a month without doing anything to help lower gas prices. That means we'll see another month of inaction on the energy crisis.

The Democrats left, they turned off the lights, they turned off the cameras and they turned off the microphones. But, House Republicans did not leave. That's right, House Republicans are still here, talking to the American people, demanding that House Democrats come back and ease the increasing burdens on families. Republicans are fighting so that the American people are not left high and dry.

Now, we need your help. Join us by signing this petition to call on the Democrat Leadership to return to Washington , DC, to pass a bill that will increase American energy supply, open up offshore drilling and eliminate our reliance on foreign oil.

This is supposed to be the People's House. It's unfortunate that the Democrats don't see it that way.

Sign the Petition at today.


Eric Cantor
United States Congressman

P.S. Sign the petition to Call Congress Back to lower the price of gas.


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