Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Change I can't believe in

In order for people to want change, they must be dis-satisfied with their current situation, right? so, just what dire circumstances do Americans find theirselves in by the worlds standards that change is so important to them? let's see, is it housing? Americans live in the largest, best equipped homes in the world. is it poverty? no, America is the most affluent country in the world. is it tyranny? no, America is home to the most personal freedom in the world. is it lack of medical care? no, America has the best medical care in the world. is it education? no, Americans have access to the best education in the world.

so, If Americans live in the best homes, have kids in college, have a fine hospital on the nearest street corner, have money for not just cars, but unlike even Europeans, probably have TWO cars in the driveway, a boat, motorcycle, and a few other toys in the garage. just what are Americans SO unhappy about? is it that they can't afford a nintendo wii AND a microsoft x-box? could it be maybe that their i-pod nano does not have enough memory to hold ALL the songs they want? what is it that has Americans so disrought they want CHANGE!?!

Could it be, that Americans, those that were born of the can-do generation that won world war 2, are a bunch of whiny-assed, pansy, sniveling, crying, spoiled ass little brats? I think that is perhaps a possibility.

Our founding fathers wanted change, and we can thank them and God for it. but one must consider, Cubans wanted change, and they got Castro, China wanted change, and they got Mao, Russia wanted change, and they got Lenin, Cambodia wanted change, and they got pol pot.

Ideas, philosophy, facts, and intent makes one hell of a difference, Americans better consider this before they get all cought up in unreasoning emotionalism.

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