Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The blame game

Time to suck it up and take responsibility for our actions America!
Why do we have a government that behaves like a spoiled bratchild? because WE elected f--kin idiots into office! we value beauty over brains! WHY! WTF for? what's next? elect Paris Hilton as President? sadly, I don't see that too far from the truth. look at who we weeded out and who we kept this primary season!
Why do kids shoot up their school? because their parents did not bother to instill values in them, and probably let the TV babysit them at every opportunity. why are kids today so stupid? because we let stupid people run the DOE, and the school boards, and let our schools buy history textbooks from revisionists, social studies curricula from communist social engineers. What the hell is wrong with us? why are we allowing the globalist agenda to march forward undeterred by even a few questions about the future, and what that might mean? why did we allow ourselves to get addicted to foreign oil? and refuse to produce oil on our own, which our fathers used to do? even in light of today's prices nobody even wants to consider opening production and our government continues to vote against any such proposal. thank you representatives!
We are trading our freedoms for a few promises of free shit from a government that can't deliver, and we KNOW IT!! why don't we do something about it?

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