Monday, October 15, 2007

A "the world is going nuts" link dump

The news Media went Goregasmic over Al Gore's efforts to create peace in our time by scaring the world about global warming. Gore enjoys the company of laureates Mohamed El Baradei, Jimmy Carter, and especially Yasser Arafat! the boys at red state update have a few comments:

lgf bit
Malkin bit
Crittenden bit

Our President fearlessly fights states who have the audacity to prosecute Mexican tourists who were just having a bit of fun, raping, sodomizing, then strangling two teenage girls. yet, curiously, does not have the time to look in to the Ramos-Compean issue, where two Border agents shot and slightly wounded an armed drug smuggler in self defense, and find theirselves in prison for this.

Malkin bit

dhimminsanity in Britain

The IAEA jumps in to save the world!!

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