Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ignorance is NOT a virtue

This was a comment I posted on another blog, the post was decrying the "missed opportunity" of the Saudi peace plan, posted no less on the very day dozens of Qussam rockets blasted sdirot. Willful ignorance just blows my mind.

"It's amazing, the number of people who will not bother to lift up a Quran and read it, or even listen to the terrorists when they plainly state their intentions to utterly destroy Israel, and western civilization. just pat the cute little terrorists on the head in the most condescending way imaginable, thinking of them as little mis-behaving children. caring not one whit about the wanton slaughter committed in the name of Islam for centuries. of course, my "unbalanced, unrefined view" of the situation will cause the leftist terrorist lovers to ignore this comment, after all, to them there is no wrong or right, just "differing but equally valid worldviews". meting out death and destruction is a valid "lifestyle choice" that the UN ought to protect, right? "

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