Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ann gets it right again, yet another example of selective outrage

Let's see, according to democrats:
Gerry Studds buggering a 17 yr old drunk male page he took on a trip to Europe? O.K.

President Bill Clinton getting a hummer from a schoolgirl in the office bathroom, then lying profusely about it? O.K.

Clinton's sexual harassment of Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broadderick, and Kathleen Willey? O.K.

congressman Barney Frank letting stephen Gobie run a whorehouse in his washington apartment, and paying Gobie for sex? O.K.

Gov. Jim McGreevey trolling for dozens of Homosexual encounters with strangers behind his wife's back, and placing one such lover in government office without qualifications for said job? O.K.

Senator Ted Kennedy screwing a drunk teenage girl then killing her? O.K.

Jesse Jackson screwing teenage girls and getting them pregnant behind his wife's back? O.K.

Congressman William Jefferson taking bribes on tape and lying about it? O.K.

Congressman Gary Condit having an affair with an Intern who dies under suspicious circumstances after telling friends she might go public? O.K.

congressman Mark Foley sending rude, crude homosexual comments to teenage pages? NOT O.K!!!!!

the difference between the differing responses? Foley was a REPUBLICAN who resigned immediately, the others, democrats who simply lied and laughed at the public's short memory and sheer stupidity.

Read Ann's story about this

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