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Real peace? I don't think we held out for it, to our shame

Phony peace is what it is, and there's no way it can last, here's an article by Hal Linsey on the subject.

Oracle Commentaries 8/19/2006
Israel Can Only Lose Once

During one of Israel's many wars, Golda Meir offered this famous – and tragic – observation: "The Arabs can fight, and lose, and return to fight another day. Israel can only lose once." Golda's assessment became a truism of the Middle East up until now. And the jury is still out as to whether her assessment remains true to this day.

In the strange and surreal world that is the Middle East, Israel lost its war with Hezbollah. And while it remains intact at the moment, her enemies no longer view the Jewish state as invincible.

History tells us that means the current cease-fire is a temporary condition at best, and that next time, Israel will be facing a lot more than an outlaw terrorist organization like Hezbollah.

On second thought, strike that. Hezbollah is only an outlaw terrorist organization in the eyes of the United States. Europe sees Hezbollah as a radical but legitimate political party that constitutes part of Lebanon's legally elected government. The United Nations has yet, in its long history, to come up with a definition of "terrorist," let alone outlaw one.

So let's rephrase it to say that Israel will likely face a lot more formidable enemy than just Hezbollah next time. And make no mistake – there will be a "next time."

Israel, for the first time in its history, failed to meet a single one of its war objectives. It meekly accepted a substandard, U.N.-imposed cease-fire, leaving Hezbollah largely intact, Hassan Nasrallah unscathed; it failed to eliminate Hezbollah's arsenal of rockets; and, worst of all, it came home without the two hostages kidnapped by Hezbollah that prompted the war in the first place.

Until now, it had been an unshakeable article of faith that Israel was capable of imposing whatever outcome it deemed necessary against any Arab force. And, until now, Israel continued to press its military advantage until it had attained its stated goals.

That is no longer the case. After a month-long war, Israeli forces limped home as Hezbollah, Syria and Iran all claimed victory against the Jewish state.

It was defeated by a newly invented international “law of proportional response.” This is the new idiotic idea of the U.S. ‘liberal establishment’ and the vast majority of ‘America-haters’ in the U.N.

It dictates that no nation, especially America and Israel, can achieve a greater victory against its enemies than its enemies are capable of inflicting upon them.

Of course, such a ridiculous law could only be imposed against Israel. The United States did not use “proportional” force against the Taliban and al-Qaida in Afghanistan in 2002.

Osama bin Laden used three commercial airplanes against the United States. The United States used every weapon in its formidable arsenal, with the exception of nuclear weapons, to bomb Afghanistan further into the Stone Age than it had already been.

Were the United States to subject itself to the law of proportional response, we would have sent 19 guys with armed with box knives to exact revenge for Sept. 11. Of course this is beyond stupidity. But it evidently didn't sound as stupid when Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice signed on to the idea and surrendered to the U.N. in demanding a cease-fire.

This insane Cease-Fire agreement leaves Hezbollah fully armed, remaining in place, their formidably fortified bunkers with world class electronics in tact and in possession of thousands of rockets and missiles that are still hidden.

Worse, it places the useless Lebanese and U.N. troops between Israel and Hezbollah. This enables Hezbollah to use them as a shield while they re-arm, regroup and prepare for the next attack. Oh, Secretary Rice spoke great, swelling words about not maintaining the status quo, but when it got down to it, she folded up like a cheap lawn chair.

The “status quo” before Israel attacked Hezbollah had the armed terror group ensconced along Israel’s borders, raiding Israeli territory at will, and killing and kidnapping any Israeli soldier within reach of its infiltrating forces, without fear of interference from the incompetent and unsympathetic UNIFIL forces ostensibly stationed there to ensure Israel’s border security.

Following Israel’s month-long war, Hezbollah remains intact, armed with long-range rockets, capable of attacking Israel at will without fear of interference from the UNIFIL forces still stationed there. The only difference is that Lebanon is dispatching a military force that it openly admits has no intention of either disarming Hezbollah or engaging it militarily if it decides to resume its previous infiltration or kidnapping tactics.

The U.N. has yet to put together a credible military deterrent, and so far, the only nations willing to contribute troops are overwhelmingly sympathetic to Hezbollah and Lebanon. The biggest contributor so far is France. Lebanon is a former French colony.

And it is hard to imagine Paris engaging its ally to defend the Jews. France is among the most openly anti-Semitic nations in Europe.

Hezbollah acquired new Russian made anti-tank weapons from Iran via Syria that decimated Israeli armor. Israel’s vaunted Merkava battle tank had no electronic defenses or armor that protected it against this new anti-tank missile. Israel lost between 55 to 60 tanks in the month-long war.

Syria and Iran have both since claimed joint victory against Israel, along with Hezbollah, and have pledged to continue the conflict until Israel has been wiped from the map.

Hezbollah has demonstrated that total Arab defeat is not inevitable – and with this demonstration, Israel has lost its tremendous psychological advantage.

If Hezbollah could hold the mighty Israeli juggernaut at bay, then the possibility that Israel could finally and decisively be wiped from the map of the Middle East by another pan-Arab army is once again feasible.

Hezbollah has emerged as a massive political force. Syria, marginalized in recent years, has re-emerged as a regional player as Hezbollah's patron. Hezbollah's victory represents a victory for Iran and the Shia. Hezbollah, a Shiite force, has done what others could not do.

This will certainly result in both Jordan and Egypt rethinking their own assumptions about the viability of another war of annihilation against Israel. In a sense, the Arabs have little to lose by taking the risk.

If they win, they will have succeeded in reclaiming their lost honor in previous conflicts, with the added bonus of having rid the world of the Jewish cancer in its midst. And if they lose, they can once again count on the U.N. imposing a cease-fire in time for them to remain intact and viable.

One doesn't need a crystal ball to know that Syria and Iran will move quickly to exploit the advantage Israel's defeat at the hands of Hezbollah has given them.

The worst danger revealed in this war is the new majority attitude of the Israelis that is reflected in the government leaders under Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

For the first time, Israeli leadership so restricted the military leadership, that they were not able to mobilize the size of ground force needed to defeat a well-trained and heavily fortified army. Because of concern about world opinion, they so restricted the general’s freedom of attack strategy that there was confusion in the ranks on the field. This is the deadliest revelation of this war.

In all of Israel’s past wars, they have fought with tactical audacity and the immediate all-out commitment of manpower and weaponry against the enemy. They used the “blitzkrieg” or “lightening war” strategy.

In this war, they gradually committed troops, piecemeal, with a day-by-day revision of strategy. This ultimately resulted in strategic hesitation and confusion.

The worst possible consequence is that Hezbollah has claimed to the all-too- willing-to-believe Muslim world that Israel is no longer invincible on the battlefield. Recruits of hot-headed young jihad-seeking Muslims are pouring into Fundamental Muslim training camps to prepare for the final war to annihilate Israel and destroy the United States.

Iran has become the de-facto leader of the Global Fundamental Muslim Movement bent upon jihad.

This is exactly the outcome that both Damascus and Tehran had been hoping for, although they certainly didn't expect it. But now that it is a reality, Golda's words echo with haunting clarity. "The Arabs can fight, and lose, and return to fight another day. Israel can only lose once."

Let us pray that Israel has learned a vital lesson before it is too late. May they boot out the present appeasement minded government and get into power someone like Binyamin Netanyahu.

By: Hal Lindsey


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